About Brooks House Assisted Living

Brooks House Assisted Living Community was born in 2000 from the desire the Brooks' family have to help people flourish at their fullest potential, by providing a high quality, hassle free way of life that is not overpriced. As they were looking for a place for their family member, it became clear that there was no facility close to home that offered what they were seeking. What they desired was to make available a more comprehensive way of life, that emphasized all aspects of the human person (physical, mental, social, spiritual, emotional), and in an environment that wasn't institutional. Not being deterred by the risks or difficulties involved, they decided to get rid of their own personal family house, in order to build Brooks House Assisted Living Community, where they could receive not only their family, but any of those interested in a way of life that offers all-inclusive service, a high level of social amenities and exceptional personal care that is not over-priced.

In 2000, they opened the first building, The Original Brooks House, which they designed & built from the ground up. At this time, Christine and Paul already had their 6 year old daughter, and were expecting another child on the way! It was simply natural for them to transition from having their personal, private lives, to living a life centered on helping people thrive and live at their fullest potential. Not only did they live there with the residents, but they entered into every aspect of the lives of the residents. The Brooks family shared everything they had, and truly valued them as family. They shared meals, daily routines, activities, holidays, birthday parties etc. This was not just something temporary, for a few months, or even a few years. They lived this way with the residents and their children for ELEVEN YEARS! This is how their children grew up!

Since the Brooks' goal and aim was to create an environment where social interaction could be facilitated, they designed their buildings to have a high level of open, social amenity space, with all natural wood, and large windows, enabling an immense amount of natural sunlight.

What Brooks House offers you is an engaging, purposeful, and fun way of life, animated by a family spirit that cannot be found anywhere else. Ever since 2000, Brooks House has been re-defining what it means to truly live. Since the Brooks lived with the residents for the first 11 years, they have experience that no other Facility owners/administrators have. They have seen day-in and day-out what needs to be available in order for people to thrive and succeed, without being deterred by the inevitable effects of aging!

Although they do not presently live at the facility, they are present on almost a daily basis, and are always available via phone to answer questions. You will not find another facility with a history and story like Brooks House. Come and see for yourself how you can live at your fullest potential, on the picturesque landscape of Brooks House Assisted Living. Tours are always available, and can be arranged for the day or evening. Schedule yours by calling 440-834-0260!