"We are so thankful for all of you. The care you show for Aunt Audrey and Aunt Eleanor is seen by us every time we come to visit...We thank God for each one of you." Laurie, Burton

"In the Fall of 2010, it became apparent that I needed to move my mother, Ann Andresky, into an Assisted Living Home. My mother was in a nursing home in southwest Pennsylvania recovering from an injury at the time and couldn't live in her Senior Apartments by herself. My husband and I got a list of the best Assisted Living Homes in that area of PA. and visited them. We found them severely lacking. The rooms looked much like those in the nursing home. Seeking a solution to the problem, I began to visit and talk to people in nursing homes around my home in Burton. There were a few that seemed nice, but they were much too expensive for us to handle. I was getting very frustrated. I knew I couldn't manage Mom at home, but yet there didn't seem to be a viable alternative.

As I was leaving one of the nursing homes, I met a friend who was volunteering with a hospice nurse. I told them of my frustration. The hospice nurse asked me where I lived. I told her Burton. She told me to look into Brooks House. She told me it was such a beautiful place and she heard it was not too expensive. I got home and called Brooks House. I talked to Christine and set up an appointment for the next day to visit. I was so impressed with the facility and more impressed with the questions Christine asked and the understanding of what my mother would need, I said I would take the room even before I even saw it. I was not disappointed with the room or anything else from Day 1.

My mother received excellent personal care. The previous year in PA she had had 5 hospitalizations and 3 nursing home stays. In the 3 1/2 years at Brooks House, she had no hospital visits. The staff loved on my Mom like she had always been a member of the family. She loved them like family. The other residents were so welcoming and some became very close friends. The staff and residents all became our family and support system.

I have recommended Brooks House to many. The whole place is immaculate, the food is excellent, the opportunities for socialization are readily available. But the best feature is a staff that does their jobs very well. They are attentive, friendly, knowledgeable, kind, and always available to discuss any concerns the residents or family might have. My mother perhaps expressed it best, "This is the best place I have ever lived. It is so clean and when you need someone, I just press my button and they are right there. Everyone is so nice".

My Mom died in June 2014, 3 1/2 years longer than we expected her to live. I know it was because she was surrounded by loving attention. I sometimes still visit Brooks House because I miss "my family." I have to keep up with the latest news. I continue to recommend Brooks House to those who have loved ones who need care. It is a special place.