Assisted Living Geauga County

Brooks House Assisted Living Community is comprised of two buildings on the same spacious landscape. In both buildings, residents and their families can enjoy all-inclusive service, a high level of social amenities, unsurpassable personal care- all at an affordable price! Whether one has dementia, needs medication supervision, assistance with activities of daily living, or is desiring a way of life that facilitates social interaction, providing benefits that cannot be obtained by living alone-Brooks House Assisted Living will exceed your desires.

What we provide is quite simple: a high quality, hassle free way of life, which is not overpriced. It includes not only a beautiful atmosphere, but great personal care and interaction with others that share similar life experiences. Engaging activities and social events are readily available, and set up based on each residents interests and wants. At Brooks House you can combine your care with an exciting, engaging way of life that will help you flourish at your greatest potential.

In both buildings, the ample use of natural wood and large windows makes it feel clean and airy. Our antique furniture looks great and maintains a cohesive aesthetic. If a person didn't know any better they would think they were in a lodge, not an assisted living. Our highly trained staff are happy and ready not only to assist residents with activities of daily living, but also to help them flourish on every level-social, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. We find this helps people thrive in ways never thought possible.

The first building- the "Original Brooks House", was designed specifically to provide a rich and diverse living experience for those with dementia. The kitchen, living room and dining room are all open and are connected to a screened in porch, creating a homey feel, and allowing light to flood in from all directions. This building can accommodate 16 residents who have their own personal suites.

The second building, "The Pines at Brooks House," has 38 private suites, counting the newest 18 that opened this summer! Just as in the Original Brooks House, at The Pines our aim is to give you the maximum level of comfort and personal care for a minimum price tag, while never compromising quality. Similar to The Original Brooks House, The Pines has a deep sense of community like you would find among neighbors who have deep trust for one another. As you will see, the brilliant design of The Pines enables natural light to encompass the building, creating the same airy, clean, lodge-like feel as the Original Brooks House.